Ms. McIndoe's Class Wins  Weekly Flowcabulary Contest and Receives a Shout Out on National Website for their Video!
"The week in rap has a contest weekly offered to every school in the United States.  They post different criteria weekly.  This week the criteria was if you could talk to a historical figure, who would it be and what would you ask.  My students having been studying endangered species and their habitats so they chose Diane Fossey.  They researched about her and her accomplishments.  They had to come up with a question to ask her and the answer.  I acted as Diane Fossey and the students interviewed me.  We made posters representing LMS and worked collaboratively with Ms. Valgenti to film and submit it.  They did an outstanding job!!  I am very proud of their efforts and commitment to this project!"- Ms. McIndoe
Second Annual Holiday Bazaar
holiday bazaar  
  The Second Annual LMS Holiday Bazaar was a resounding success.  Students enjoyed selecting presents for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends.  The spirit of giving was alive and well in those who donated items and those that selected items for a special someone.  Thank you to all who helped with this event.  A special thank you to our volunteers:  Ms. Perez, Ms. Ross, Ms. Klotz, Ms. Lowe, Ms. Applegate and Ms. Chapman- yes, that's right, Ms. Chapman and Ms. Applegate returned to help make this special event a huge success!  
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