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  • Board of Education is proud to announce 3-year agreement with the Lakewood Education Association (LEA)(click for info)

    The Pearl in the Oyster Bed by Steve Frank, APP.  A peek into Lakewood High School (click to view article)

    PINER PRIDE NEWS - The Lakewood BOE is pleased to announce its 2018-19 partnership with Ocean County College.  Eligible Lakewood High School juniors and seniors can take courses at no charge.(click for info English) (Spanish)



    A Letter From Superintendent Laura A. Winters  English  Spanish

    Lakewood Public and Nonpublic students head to Trenton to attend Lakewood School Funding Case (click to view)


    Resolution Regarding LEA/LAA Increase

     Whereas, the Lakewood Board of Education recognizes the chronic underfunding of the public school education; and

     Whereas, the Lakewood Board of Education sees the consequences of chronic underfunding – low salaries and poor staff morale. 

     Whereas, the Lakewood Board of Education has watched over 40 teachers resign since April, and approximately 365 staff members resign since 2014.  On behalf of our students and families, we cannot allow this crisis to continue.  We support our classroom teachers, aides, secretaries and all of our staff and demand the necessary funding for a meaningful teacher pay raise.

    Be it resolved, that the Lakewood Board of Education is in full support of our teachers, students and staff and are hereby, approving the following for all members of the LEA and LAA provided all contract language requested by the Administration and all other issues are resolved; including but not limited to, the understanding that there will be no change in the current formula for Chapter 78:

    2018-2019 – 3.2% raise (County Average, subject to verification)

    2019-2020 – 3.2% raise (County Average, subject to verification)

    2020-2021 – 3.2% raise (County Average, subject to verification)

    Approximate cost of raise for the 2018-2019 school year is $1,525,675 based on budgeted amounts for salaries.



    Transportation Policies (click to view)

    Transportation Study Progress Report (click to view)

    Incoming Grade 6 and Grade 9 Registration on June 19 and June 20. 2-6pm in the HS Cafeteria.  All current 5th graders and 8th graders must register. (click for info)

    Letter from the Superintendent - Metal Detectors and Clear Book Bags (click to view)

    NJ Alternative College Financial Aid Application (click for info)

    BOE Meeting 6.27.2018 - English       BOE Meeting 6.27.208 - Spanish

    Open Public Forum at John Patrick Park  English  Spanish

    piano  Spring Concert Highlights from Each School (click to view)

    Letter from the Superintendent -  Incident at Oak Street School  (click to view)   (Click to view - Spanish)

    Lakewood School District implements an exciting new program this past year at the Lakewood High School (click to view)

    Lakewood School District Community Liaison - Oscar Orellana 732.228.2955

    Lakewood District Employees meet, at BOE directive, to discuss innovative programs to further accommodate Latino students (click to view)

    Letters of Support from the community:

    Feasibility Study of location for additional Pre-K and Kindergarten space (click to view)

    Parent Letter May 1, 2018 (click to view English & Spanish version)

    BOE Meeting Presentation 4.30.2018 (click to view) 

    Letter from Senator Singer (click to view)


    Letter of Request for Funding to Acting Commissioner Repollet (click to view)

    Approximately 30 High School students and 5 staff go to Trenton to observe the confirmation of Dr. Repollet as Commissioner of Education.(click to view photos)

    Appointment of Michael I. Inzelbuch, Esq.

    Congratulations! - Andrea De John, High School Guidance Counselor, was selected as the 2017-2018 Counselor of the County for Ocean County. 

    BOE Meeting on March 22, 2018 presented the following documents:
    PreSchool Registration for 2018-19 is now open.  Please call Central Registration for an appointment. 732.364.2400 x7022 x7052.(click for info) 



       Teacher of the Year

    Educational Support Professional of the Year

    High School

    Brian Surgent

    Tim Brown

    Middle School

    Diana Ehlers

    Melissa Pick

    Ella G. Clarke School

    Elizabeth Sernotti

    Catherine Perez

    Clifton Ave Grade School

    Lauren Fobes

    Corinne Hoffman

    Oak Street School

    Estera Singer

    Michael Randolph

    Spruce Street School

    Rose Carlo

    Christy Cosgrove

    Piner Elementary School

    Marianna Fiani

    Kaylen McCaffrey


    Deena Glassenberg

    Reina Patricia Flores 

    Transportation Review
     (click to view)

    Superintendent Laura A. Winters' Recent Letters to the DOE and Governor:

    Request to Meet Letter to Governor Murphy (click to view)

    Request for Additional Special Education Categorical Aid (click to view)

    Request to Meet Letter to Acting Commissioner Dr. Repollet (click to view)

    Lakewood's Oscar Orellana is a guidance counselor, coach, literacy volunteer and immigrant advocate. (click to view story)

    In a continued effort to promote stability and fiscal long-term stability, the Lakewood Board of Education approved at the January 31, 2017, meeting the hiring of Ray and Associates to conduct a national search to identify candidates for a permanent Business Administrator.

    Ray and Associates corporate office is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and assists Boards of Education throughout the country in locating qualified staff. Longtime Lakewood resident, former Assistant Commissioner of Education, Principal, and teacher  Dr.  Michael Rush serves as Regional Search Director of Ray and Associates.      

    The Board of Education since 2010 has seen no less than 8 Business Administrators.

    Currently, Kevin Campbell has served as Interim Business Administrator since earlier this year after then Business Administrator Regina Robinson took a job closer to her home in Jersey City and Robert Finger has served as Interim Assistant Business  Administrator since October 2017. ( Mr. Finger previously served as Business  Administrator for approximately 5 years until 2010 and was  primarily responsible for helping the District achieve financial stability.)

    The NJDOE has approved our Equivalency Application.(click to view
    BOE Meeting Presentations on NJ School Funding Impact on Lakewood
    2018-19 Preliminary Budget Presentation(click to view)
    The Lakewood School District has completed a QSAC District Improvement Plan (DIP), (click to view), which was Board approved on January 24, 2018.  In the meantime, the district has prepared an Equivalency Application, which was submitted to the Ocean County Superintendent of Schools.  Once approved, the County Superintendent will forward the application to the Commissioner of Education for his approval.   Due to the transitioning of Commissioners, the time frame of completing the process may be delayed.  Check the website for updates!
    BOE SYNOPSIS OF AUDIT REPORT 2016-2017 (click to view)
    COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT - Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 (click to view)

    AUDITORS' MANAGEMENT REPORT ON ADMINISTRATIVE FINDINGS - Financial Compliance and Performance (click to view) 

    HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS BANQUET - (click to view photos)

    BOE Affirmation, Commitment, and Support of the Public School System (click to view)

    QSAC Instruction & Program Equivalency Application


    Recent Decision at Office of Administrative Law is district's first win (click to view) 

Roundtable Discussion in English

Roundtable Discussion in Spanish