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  • NJSLA Parent Meeting - January 23, 2020. (click for info)

    hoops  Boys Basketball Victorious Over Top-Ranked Donovan Catholic (click to view)

    District Winter Concert Series 2019 (click to view)

    NJSLA PREP VIDEO (click to view)

    Oak Street Modular students in their new classrooms at Ella G. Clarke (click to view)
    Oak Street School Modular Update - Three Oak Street School fifth grade modular classes transitioned to the Ella G. Clarke School today, after the long Holiday weekend.  Students began their day in the auditorium, meeting Administrators and reviewing EGC expectations, policies, and procedures with Principal Meabe and Assistant Principal Mostel.   

    Teachers and students are excited about joining the EGC family, and are looking forward to focusing on their instructional goals and academic targets tomorrow!

    Lakewood-Toms River South's Final Thanksgiving Game This Year (click for info)
    Oak Street School's Trailers to be dismantled. (click for info)
    music  Middle School Music Program Aims For The Stars (English) (Spanish)
    NJSLA Prep Program for Parents (English) (Spanish)
    Nonpublic Transportation Bid T17-1920 Results. At the Board of Education meeting on October 31, 2019, the board rejected Transportation Bid T17-1920, as the State Monitor, Assistant Business Administrator, Interim Business Administrator (in waiting), the Superintendent, and Members of the Board were in agreement that there are insufficient funds to award the bid. (English) (Spanish)
    Meeting the Educational Needs of All Students (click to view)
    Signs of Trauma Guidelines (English)  (Spanish)
    High School Security Praised - "No Comparison"  (click to view)
    Transportation Bid English  Spanish

    NDJOE QSAC Placement Letter (click to view English + Spanish)

    High Point Update - Letter from the Superintendent (English)  (Spanish)

    High Point Landlord Message (click to view)

    High Point Fire Press Conference (click to view video) (click to view article)

    Board of Education member Herb Rodriguez, who rescinded his resignation, seen assisting at the campaign for the fire victims. Pictured with Mayor Coles and BOE member Shlomie Stern.  (click to view) If you are interested in dropping off donations to the families affected by the Fire, please (click for info)  (Click for Info-Spanish)

    Lakewood Early Childhood Center (LECC) Highlights (Click to View)

    Please email ANY and ALL transportation issues and concerns, to the following email:  Bus@lakewoodpiners.org  

    Import Announcement - BOE Meetings.  Please note that updated security procedure requires that any person attending the Board of Education meetings provide a valid form of identification to security personnel for entrance.

    Effective immediately, the visitor management system will be utilized at all school events, including Board of Education meetings.  The visitor management system requires photo identification therefore; entry into any school building in the Lakewood School District will involve the need to provide photo identification. 

    Please see the below email sent on behalf of General Counsel Michael I. Inzelbuch, Esquire.

    Last week (August 21st)  I had the privilege to attend the NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education conference entitled “Bullying, The Law And Your Clients 2019:Bullying, Mental Health And School Safety.”

    There were numerous presenters, lawyers, law enforcement, psychologists, and others including a representative of the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights who discussed and presented the 2 (two) attached documents , to wit, 

    1. “Bias Incident Report 2017-18“
    2. “Executive Order 78” (dated 8/7/2019)     

    As to the attached “Report and, in part, relevant to Lakewood schools  it appears that: 

    1. IN 2018 the State Police added a new category of data – Bias  incidents that occurred at elementary and secondary schools throughout the State (Page 10)  
    2. The Report acknowledged Bias  against young people  that is NOT limited to schools  ( P.10 )
    3. For 2016 and 2017, in Ocean County, Lakewood was the only municipality  ,other than Seaside Heights, that was considered “urban “  ( P. A-20 )
    4. For 2016 and 2017,in Ocean County,  Lakewood appears to have the largest population ( 102,182 people ) (P.A-20)
    5. For 2016 and 2017, in Ocean County, Lakewood appears to have reported 23 Bias crimes (second only to Lakehurst that reported 27) (P.A-20 )
    6. For 2017 and 2018,in Ocean County, similar to # 3 above Lakewood was the only municipality ,other than Seaside Heights ,that was considered “urban “ ( B-20)
    7. For 2017 and 2018, in Ocean County, Lakewood continues to have the largest population (B-20)  
    8. For 2017 and 2018 in Ocean County, there were 20 Bias crimes  reported in 2018 that occurred in Lakewood, the highest in Ocean County (B-20 )

    As to the attached Executive Order   it appears that the Governor’s Office created an Interagency Task Force to “combat Youth Bias.” 

    I have spoken informally with the presenter from the NJ Division of Civil Rights and have requested of the Division to review the situation in Lakewood, both as to our public and nonpublic students. I have also requested, with the permission of Superintendent Winters and Board President Bender, for the Task Force to visit Lakewood and meet with the staff of public and nonpublic schools, community leaders, and , most importantly , students. As the Task Force is only in its infancy , we expect to provide more information by mid- September .

    In the interim should you witness any incident of Bias, in school, the community, at competitions/games, etc. please immediately report same to Superintendent Winters in writing. 

    The Superintendent’s office is developing a FORM that will be distributed by the first day of school.  

    Lastly, we have learned and/or have had highlighted, most recently, as to alleged incidents of BIAS that our students and coaches have allegedly experienced during games/competitions, that will be more closely monitored and reported, if warranted. Some of these alleged incidents “go back“ to 2011 and 2012 and are, unfortunately, on-going as confirmed by coaches, students, and/or former Athletic Director John Craddox.  All coaches have and will receive more information as to same.

    Should you have any information as to alleged incidences of this nature please immediately report same to Superintendent.  

    Should you have any questions as to any legal matters please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned either via email (Michael@pinersprideisback) and/or my cell phone (732-966-0998).       

    TOGETHER we can work to overcome any obstacles!!!

    2017-2018 Bias-Incident Report (click to view)

    Executive Order No. 78 (click to view)





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High School SAT Assembly - English


High School SAT Assembly - Spanish