Sodexo's Amazing Student 


    Jennifer Ortega Diaz  
    Jennifer Ortega Diaz is the winner of Sodexo's Amazing Student of the Month for September! Jennifer is very hard-working, and is always willing to participate in class. She does a great job of staying on task and completing her classwork and homework in a timely manner. She received Straight A's last year and received perfect scores on the NJSLA Math and English test!! Jennifer works well with others in class and is always willing to assist those around her if they need it. Jennifer is planning on joining the Track team, Garage Band Club, and the Student Ambassadors Club this year. Congratulations Jennifer on winning Sodexo's Student of the month! It certainly is well deserved!  

    Student of the Month




    Francisco Gutierrez

    Francisco- Demonstrates good grades, participates often, and tries very hard to succeed.  Kind and helpful to classmates. Is responsible and completes all assignments on time and with effort


    Katherine Garcia

    Katherine- Very positive attitude and kindness despite personal obstacles faced.  Hardworking and earns good grades. Participation in after school club/activities.




    Athlete of the Month


    Janelly Carpintero


    Janelly Carpintero is a very dedicated player. Whether it is a game or practice, she always gives her full effort on the court. Janelly’s leadership skills, motivation and enthusiasm not only makes her an outstanding athlete, but also an amazing teammate. We are lucky to have Janelly on the Lakewood Middle School Basketball Team.



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