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  • Mr. Joseph Schroepfer    
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    Ms. Annette Maldonado  
    Assistant Principal
    732.905.3670 x7607
    Mr. Thomas Stead
    Assistant Principal
    732.905.3670 x7605
    Ms. Jessica Cerchio
    Anti-bullying Specialist (HIB)
    732.905.3670 x7621
    School Hours 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

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  • Please join us in congratulating our awesome elementary art students for their winning entries in the annual Lakewood Fire Department Fire Safety Poster Contest this year! The three winners in each elementary school won a personalized plaque and a gift card worth $20, $30, and $50! Each first-place winner's entry will be entered into the Ocean County Fire Safety Poster Contest.

    A big thank you to our winning art teachers too! Ms. Julia Putelo, Ms. Lauren Griffin, Ms. Ariel Williams, and Mr. Reggie Russell

    And thank you again to Lakewood Schools alumni, Mr. James Ecks, and the Lakewood Fire Department for making it all possible.

    Oak Street School Winners

    Angel Ruiz, 3rd grade

    Mariajose Aguilar Torres, 5th grade

    Dalia Morales Nieves, 5th grade

    fire truck

    Oak Street School exemplifies strong values and high expectations. Teachers and students are encouraged to set their sights high and maintain a positive attitude. Best practice instructional strategies are used to provide expert instruction in every classroom.