Lakewood, New Jersey
    Lakewood Public Schools is a diverse educational community of students, staff and parents who work cooperatively to create a positive and safe environment where all students learn and reach their full potential through an academic emphasis on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  We recognize that all students are unique and that their differences are to be respected and lauded.  Our general education and special education plans implement inclusive practices and programs; make use of pupils' needs, abilities and interests; and emphasize basic skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and oral and written communication.  We modify programs and offer supports as necessary to assure access and progress for students with disabilities in the general education programs; help students reach their full potential; and promote intellectual, physical, moral social and cultural growth through curricular and co-curricular programs available to all.
    Revised March 28, 2007
    BOARD APPROVED:  March 28, 2007