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Book of the Month

Our Book of the Month Iniative

At Ella G. Clarke School our champion scholars are read rich, culturally diverse literacy works each month. Each day ends with a few minutes of reading followed by a text-dependent or inferential question.  Our books of the month help us to spark rich discussion about the beauty of diversity, the courageous fight for change and equity that remains before us, and the power of dreaming.

Our students create projects as culminating activities for each book.  The project displayed in these photos was a family project based on our reading of the Black Snowman.  The theme of this book is the power and importance of knowing and valuing your cultural heritage.  The Black Snowman wore a Kente cloth, which is a beautiful fabric worn in Africa.  So our families were asked to create Snowman dress in their cultural attire to discuss the importance of the attire in the culture.  Our students were so proud to bring in their Snowman that celebrated their cultural heritage.