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One of the goals of Lakewood Middle School is to teach students to use leisure time for
physical, mental, and social enrichment. Various activities of particular interest for
students are offered for after-school participation. These clubs and activities provide a
special outlet for students to discover their own unique talents while encouraging a spirit
of cooperation, respect, compassion, and sensitivity towards others.

The after-school clubs available at Lakewood Middle School are:


Advisor: Ms. Mckenzie

Students will work collaboratively to learn all production and performance aspects of a musical.

Art Club Advisors: Ms. Reidmiller and Ms. Putelo

Students will explore a variety of artistic mediums to further their skills in art.

Literacy Online Magazine Advisor: Ms. Clampffer

Students will express themselves and explore any writing interests they may have in creative writing, informational writing, photography, and/or art. 

Inner Canvas Advisor: Ms. Castellano

Students will learn about Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, self care and Relationship skills

Chess Advisor: Mr. Lee

Students are taught how to think ahead and compete with honor and respect. In addition to Chess, we also play a variety of strategy games, which include various card games, Monopoly, Life, Stratego, and many others.

Horticulture Advisor: Mr. Lee

Students are introduced to the concepts of gardening and landscaping. They are taught how to grow plants from seeds and maintain care for seedlings as well as split and transplant mature plants.

Student Ambassadors Advisor: Ms. Kravetz

Student Ambassadors are student leaders who are passionate about making a positive difference in LMS every single day. Middle school brings many challenges and ambassadors have an opportunity to become more involved in influencing acceptance, leadership, respect, and integrity among their peers.

Spanish Advisor: Ms. Janusz

The plan for the club involves utilizing culturally-relevant readings, videos, activities/projects, and dialogue to facilitate personal experience and perspective-sharing.

Community Service Advisor: Ms. Scafiddi

The Community Service club provides a helping hand to the community, school and families in Lakewood. Students organize different projects that benefit people in need. 

Zen in Martial Arts Advisor: Mr. Tu

The objective of the club is to learn about other cultures through the lens of martial arts. Students will watch and learn about various cultures through the practice of martial arts. In addition, students will practice a non-combative version of the martial art.

Makers/STEAM Advisor: Ms. Smith

Students explore the concepts of science, technology, engineering, arts and crafts, and mathematics. This club teaches critical thinking skills and instills a passion for innovation.